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Rottendorf Award 2022 for Hannes Wader

The Rottendorf Foundation will award the Rottendorf Prize 2022 for services to Low German to Hannes Wader on October 26, 2022 at the suggestion of the Westfälischer Heimatbund e. V. (WHB).

With its decision, the Rottendorf Committee in the Westphalian Homeland Association honors “the courageous, uncompromising and unprejudiced treatment of Low German” in the songwriter’s work.

With his LP “Plattdeutsche Lieder” (1974), Hannes Wader made a decisive contribution to freeing Low German from its ancestral “Heimat milieu” and making it socially acceptable in new circles. Also in his autobiography “Trotz alledem. Mein Leben” (2019), Wader sets up a personal monument to Low German, the colloquial language of his parental home.

Hannes Wader was born in 1942 in Bethel near Bielefeld in the simplest of circumstances. His performances at Burg Waldeck made him known to a larger audience in the 1960s. Together with Reinhard Mey, Franz Josef Degenhardt and Hanns Dieter Hüsch, he was one of the most prominent members of a new German singer-songwriter scene.

In addition to his socially critical yet lyrical and poetic songs, Wader devoted himself in the 1970s to folk songs, which were frowned upon at the time. After 50 years, he ended his touring life in 2017. In 2013 he was awarded the ECHO prize for his life’s work, which includes 37 studio and live albums. In 2019, his autobiography “Trotz alledem. mein Leben“.

The Rottendorf Foundation promotes Low German by awarding the Rottendorf Prize. This prize, which is awarded every second year, honors special services to the Low German language. The prize winners are nominated by the Westphalian Heritage Society (Westfälische Heimatbund). For this purpose, the Heritage Society has founded a “Rottendorf Committee”.

Award winners

Overview of award winners:

  • 2014 pattu (Georg Bühren, Alexander Buske, Peter Egger, Jürgen Mönkediek), Münster
  • 2016 Peter Bürger, Eslohe (Sauerland)
  • 2018 Elisabeth Georges (Münster-Hiltrup)
  • 2020 Dr. Werner Beckmann (Eslohe-Cobbenrode)

Previous projects

  • 1963 Arbeitsgemeinschaft Michaelis-Treffen, Lippinghausen
  • 1965 Pater Dr. Gregor Schwake, Benediktiner Gerleve
  • 1967 Prof. Dr. Anton Hilckmann, Bevergern
  • 1969 Norbert Johannimloh, Münster und Dr. Siegfried Kessemeier, Münster
  • 1976 Hermann Homann, Münster
  • 1980 Gertrud van Dam, Emsdetten
  • 1980 Fritz Kuhne, Halver
  • 1983 Niederdeutsche Bühne, Münster (zusammengefasste Preise 82´und 84´)
  • 1986 Ottilie Baranowski, Hörstel-Bevergern und Prof. Dr. Jan Wirrer, Spenge
  • 1988 Dr. Wolfram Rosemann, Köln
  • 1990 Hannes Demming, Münster
  • 1992 Walter Born, Münster
  • 1994 Walter Höher, Schwerte-Ergste
  • 1996 Georg Bühren, Münster
  • 1998 Werner Brüggemann, Warendorf
  • 2000 Dr. Horst Ludwigsen, Schalksmühle
  • 2002 Prof. Dr.Hans Taubken, Münster
  • 2004 Heinrich Schürmann, Herzebrock-Clarholz
  • 2006 Egon Reiche, Bocholt
  • 2008 Strauhspier (Nikolaus Evers, Helmut Schnieders, Hermi Sürken), Rheine
  • 2010 Pastor Wilhelm Dullweber, Stemwede-Levern und Geistlicher Rat Heinz Witthake, Münster
  • 2012 Dr. Timothy Sodmann, Südlohn

2020 Dr. Werner Beckmann (Eslohe-Cobbenrode)

Funding projects for the Low German language

Individual projects of the Rottendorf Foundation for the area of “Low German”:

  • “Rottendorf-Lesebuch”, vol. 13 of “Nylands kleiner westf. Bibliothek”, edited by Heinrich Schürmann
  • Heinrich Schürmann “Ick”, CD jazz and poetry Low German
  • “Heliand”, translated from Old Saxon into Low German by Hannes Demming
  • “En lük üöwer de Wuortelkinner” by Sibylle von Olfers, Mönsterländsk platt upschriewen van Hannes Demming.
  • Support of the District Archives Warendorf in the sifting and processing of the entire Rottendorf estate, presented in the Findbuch Dep. 83, Warendorf 2015.
  • Support for the publication of a CD by the group “Strauhspier” with Low German songs, including a Rottendorf poem.
  • Grant for the “Sauerland dialect anthology” by Peter Bürger
  • Support for the publication of lesson outlines and materials “Low German in the Primary School”.
  • Support of anniversary events of the “Augustin-Wibbelt-Society
  • Support for the publication of an “Online Atlas of Westphalian Dialects” by the Commission for Dialect and Name Research at the LWL
  • Support for the acquisition of “sound showers” for the exhibition “200 years of Westphalia – now” (after starting in Dortmund now traveling exhibition)
  • Low German short film project “Wild Wild Westfalen” by the Landschaftsverband Westfalen-Lippe (LWL), Department of Media Production and Media Technology – LWL Media Center for Westphalia