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The Rottendorf Foundation

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The founding couple lived in the Catholic Münsterland region. They knew the Jesuit order and wanted to support the work of the Jesuits with their foundation.


The Jesuits are essentially engaged in four fields:

  • With young people: Accompanying adolescents and young adults in building a hopeful future.
  • At the side of the disadvantaged: to be on the way together with the poor, the rejected of the world, those who have been wounded in their dignity, sent to reconciliation and justice.
  • For Creation: Working Together in Care for the Common Home.
  • A Path to God: Helping to Find God through Discernment and Spiritual Exercises.

These activities of the Jesuit Order are supported by the Rottendorf Foundation. Some current examples of where and how the support is received are presented here.

More about the Jesuit Order


The Rottendorf Foundation also promotes charitable purposes independently of any ecclesiastical ties when people are in need and require support from society. The recipients of the foundation’s support are preferably charitable legal entities and organizations. The most recent recipients of aid were people who had fled the war in Ukraine and earthquake victims in eastern Turkey.

Our most recent funding projects:

2022: Support of the association “be-Ukraine e.V.” in Beckum (donation of medicine to Ukraine)

Support of the association “be-Ukraine e.V.” in Beckum (earthquake victim aid in Turkey)

Support for earthquake victim relief in northern Syria