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Rottendorf Foundation honours two young scientists

The Rottendorf Foundation from Ennigerloh awarded its prizes for outstanding scientific achievements in the field of pharmacy and pharmacology at the University of Münster on 13 October 2023. This year’s national prizewinner is Junior Professor Dr Louisa Temme from the University of Hamburg for her work on the development of novel small molecule receptor- and ATP-kinase-inhibitors for the treatment of tumours and viral and bacterial diseases.

The international prize was awarded to Assistant Professor Dr Willem Jespers from Leiden University in the Netherlands for his research work in the field of computer-aided drug development and the prediction of drug toxicity. The prizes, each worth €10,000, were presented at a ceremony on the Pharmacampus by Hermann-Ulrich Viskorf, Chairman of the Foundation Board, and Prof Dr Eckehard Frick, member of the Board of Trustees. Among the well-wishers was the Rector of the University of Münster, Prof. Dr Johannes Wessels, who emphasised the excellent cooperation between the University of Münster and the Rottendorf Foundation in his welcoming address and once again expressed his sincere thanks for the recent establishment of the Rottendorf Professorship.

The laudatory speeches were given by Prof. Dr Bernhard Wünsch from the Institute of Pharmaceutical and Medicinal Chemistry at the University of Münster and Prof. Dr Gerard van Westen from the Leiden Academic Centre for Drug Research, Leiden University. The award winners, their parents, relatives and mentors, representatives of the universities and Rottendorf Pharma GmbH as well as the members of the foundation’s committees were invited to a festive lunch following the ceremony.

Rottendorf Pharmacy/Pharmacology Awards 2023

The 2023 national award goes to:

Prof. Dr. Louisa Temme
Institute of Pharmacy, Department of Chemistry,
University of Hamburg

and the international award:

Dr. Willem Jespers
Leiden Academic Centre for Drug Research,
Department of Medicinal Chemistry
Universiteit Leiden, Netherlands

The award ceremony took place on 13 October 2023 in the Large Lecture Hall of the University of Münster, PharmaCampus.

Low German short film project “Wild Wild Westfalen” successfully completed

The Low German short film project “Wild Wild Westfalen” of the Landschaftsverband Westfalen-Lippe (LWL), in cooperation with the Department of Media Production and Media Technology – LWL Media Center for Westphalia has been successfully completed. The premiere took place on June 19, 2023 in Ahlen.

Photo: Thomas Mohn

Rottendorf Foundation establishes endowed professorship at WWU Münster

The Rottendorf Foundation from Ennigerloh is funding an endowed professorship for “Pharmaceutical Technology” at the Department of Chemistry and Pharmacy at the Westphalian Wilhelms University (WWU) Münster for ten years. On Monday, 12 September 2022, Prof. Dr. Johannes Wessels, Rector of WWU Münster, and the foundation’s directors Hermann-Ulrich Viskorf and Dr. Lilian Klewitz-Haas signed a corresponding agreement in a ceremony.

The endowed professorship will be located at the Institute of Pharmaceutical Technology and Biopharmacy and is to be converted into an endowed chair after six years. The research focus will be on the simulation and modelling of the production of solid pharmaceutical forms – such as tablets, capsules or dragées. The research area includes, for example, process technologies in the areas of granulation, tableting, mixing or filming.

“With the endowed professorship, we are expanding the profile of the pharmacy degree programme at the WWU and thus further increasing the attractiveness of Münster as a place to study,” explained Prof. Dr. Johannes Wessels. Hermann-Ulrich Viskorf, Chairman of the Board of the Rottendorf Foundation, emphasised: “I look forward to a fruitful cooperation with WWU Münster from which both sides will benefit.”

“The Rottendorf Foundation Professorship is a strategic strengthening of pharmaceutical technology at WWU and leads to better networking of the department and its students with regional industry,” explained Prof. Dr. Joachim Jose, Dean of the Department of Chemistry and Pharmacy. “We are very grateful to the Rottendorf Foundation for this opportunity.” And Prof. Dr. Klaus Langer, Director of the Institute for Pharmaceutical Technology and Biopharmacy, is certain: “By focusing the endowed professorship on the simulation of pharmaceutical-technological processes, Münster WWU is establishing a novel, innovative field of research with a unique character.”

With the endowed professorship, the university and the Rottendorf Foundation would like to strengthen the existing good connection, which could also include joint internships for students in the company, joint symposia or additional scholarships in the future.

Further Informations

The website of the Department of Chemistry and Pharmacy at EMU 

Rottendorf Prize 2022 for Hannes Wader

The Rottendorf Foundation will award the Rottendorf Prize 2022 for services to Low German to Hannes Wader on October 26, 2022 at the suggestion of the Westfälischer Heimatbund e. V. (WHB).

With its decision, the Rottendorf Committee in the Westphalian Homeland Association honors “the courageous, uncompromising and unprejudiced treatment of Low German” in the songwriter’s work.

With his LP “Plattdeutsche Lieder” (1974), Hannes Wader made a decisive contribution to freeing Low German from its ancestral “Heimat milieu” and making it socially acceptable in new circles. Also in his autobiography “Trotz alledem. Mein Leben” (2019), Wader sets up a personal monument to Low German, the colloquial language of his parental home.

Hannes Wader was born in 1942 in Bethel near Bielefeld in the simplest of circumstances. His performances at Burg Waldeck made him known to a larger audience in the 1960s. Together with Reinhard Mey, Franz Josef Degenhardt and Hanns Dieter Hüsch, he was one of the most prominent members of a new German singer-songwriter scene.

In addition to his socially critical yet lyrical and poetic songs, Wader devoted himself in the 1970s to folk songs, which were frowned upon at the time. After 50 years, he ended his touring life in 2017. In 2013 he was awarded the ECHO prize for his life’s work, which includes 37 studio and live albums. In 2019, his autobiography “Trotz alledem. mein Leben“.

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