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The Rottendorf-Foundation

The purpose of the Foundation

The promotion of scientific research in the fields of pharmacology and pharmacy
(§ 52 Abs. 2 Nr. 1 und 7 AO)

In the cultural field, the research and
cultivation of the Low German language
(§ 52 Abs. 2 Nr. 1, 5, 7 und 22 AO)

the promotion of ecclesiastical,
scientific and charitable purposes
(§§ 52 Abs. 2 Nr. 1, 53 und 54 AO)

The purpose of the foundation

It was important to Andreas Josef and Rose Rottendorf that company profits should also benefit our society. Based on the two founders’ Christian view of humanity, their entrepreneurial life’s work and the special bond with their Westphalian homeland, the Rottendorf Foundation, which they established, provides support:

    Pater Johann Spermann SJ | Hermann-Ulrich Viskorf

    These purposes are realized in particular by:

    • Financial grants to promote scholarly work, the care of cultural property, including academic libraries, by supporting acquisitions and housing, support for the publication of works of cultural and/or scholarly value, and the preparation and training of young scholars who, in the opinion of the ecclesiastical circles represented on the Board of Trustees, are worthy of support, including outside the university setting.
    • Grants to Catholic missions, primarily through the supply of medicines until the expansion of local drug production.
    • Financial grants to universities and other research institutions to promote scientific research and education in the fields of pharmacology and pharmacy.
    • Financial contributions to the German Region of the Jesuits, a public corporation, for the promotion of ecclesiastical, scientific and charitable purposes.
    • By awarding prizes for work in the subjects of pharmacology and pharmacy for merits in the research, preservation and dissemination of Low German The funds are partly tied up in projects on a long-term basis, and the use of the funds is reported transparently.