1967 - Prof. Dr. Dr. Anton Hilckman

Awarded on 18 November 1967 in the Recklinghausen Town Hall. Presented by Heinrich Auge MdB, Lord Mayor of the City of Recklinghausen. Laudatory speech: former District President Dr. Bernhard Reismann, Münster.

Award certificate in Low German, Latin and High German.

“Ad perpetuum rei memoriam

Professor Anton Hilckman has been awarded the Rottrup-Längerlaisken Prize because he has made a difference to many people’s lives and lives for the use of the old and the fine, for the use of the clear and the proud, for the use of the hard and the hard maouderspraoke.

Antonius Hilckman Bevergernensis optime meruit de lingua Germaniae Inferioris conservanda et confirmanda. Propterea anno MCMLXVII illi pretium, quod Rottendorf-Ennigerloh sui generis ultimus instituit, collatum est.

University professor Dr. Dr. Anton Hilckman, a native of Westphalia, o.ö. Professor at the Johannes Gutenberg University in Mainz and himself Director of the Institute for Comparative Cultural Studies there, has rendered outstanding services to the Low German language, the Low German way of life and Low German culture by word and writing, research and teaching, example and deed. That is why he was awarded the Rottendorf-Ennigerloh Prize for 1967 on this day in the banqueting hall of the Recklinghausen town hall.”