Themen der Rottendorf-Stiftung

spirituality & philanthropy

health care


scientific research

The Rottendorf Foundation was established in 1974 as a foundation under civil law with legal capacity. It was recognized as having legal capacity by order of the Ministry of the Interior of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia on December 5, 1974. The foundation is exclusively dedicated to charitable objectives.

The founders were Andreas J. Rottendorf and his wife Rose Rottendorf. They transferred their assets to the Rottendorf Foundation and placed the Foundation in the care of the then Upper German Province of the Jesuits, today’s German Region of the Jesuits. According to the foundation statutes stipulated by the founders, the staffing of the foundation bodies (Executive Board and Board of Trustees) is largely determined by the Jesuit Order.

The Rottendorf-Foundation supports

  • spirituality & philanthropy
  • health care
  • research into and cultivation of the Low German language
  • scientific research

The assets transferred by the founders to the Foundation consist mainly of shares in Rottendorf GmbH, based in Berlin. This company in turn holds a 100% interest in Rottendorf Pharma GmbH, based in Ennigerloh, Westphalia. Since July 1 2021, the Rottendorf Foundation has been the sole shareholder of Rottendorf GmbH.

In accordance with the wishes of the founding family, the foundation is particularly committed to preserving the company and the jobs at the Ennigerloh-East Münsterland location.