1963 - Arbeitsgemeinschaft Michaelis-Treffen Lippinghausen

Presented on 21 September 1963 in Lippinghausen, district of Herford, on the occasion of the VIII. Michaelis Meeting by Dr. Hans Riepenhausen, Managing Director of the Westphalian Heritage Society, Münster.

Award certificate dated 18 September 1963

The “Arbeitsgemeinschaft Michaelis-Treffen”, whose root and backbone is the Heimatverein Lippinghausen, has worked in an exemplary manner for the cultivation of the local language. It promotes Low German excellently by integrating it into the community life of the village, which has found its way back to itself with the Low German Michaelmas weeks. The cultivation of the community language has continued to come alive in Lippinghausen through the Low German amateur play in a way that reflects both the play landscape of Westphalia and, in particular, the attitude to life of the younger generation. Lippinghausen has convincingly shown that through play, young people also respect and speak the sacred and high language of their homeland.